Independent Whistleblower Disclosure Service.

Anon provides employees and other stakeholders of subscriber organisations with a secure, legally compliant means to anonymously disclose misconduct, inappropriate workplace conduct and improper states of affairs.  

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About Anon

Anon is a secure, third-party disclosure service where employees and other stakeholders can make anonymous disclosures that relate to misconduct at a subscriber organisation. You can disclose inappropriate conduct in your workplace environment, including harassment, discrimination, bullying, fraud, misconduct or other improper states of affairs. 

  • handle, investigate or decide the merits of your disclosure at all, the subscriber organisation does that;
  • draft disclosures or help whistleblowers to draft disclsoures;
  • provide therapy, counselling or emotional support: Lifeline’s number is 13 11 14;
  • represent you, or any other individual involved in a later investigation or other proceeding; or
  • provide you with any advice on how your disclosure will be handled by the organisation, or what the outcome will be.

I'm an Employee or Stakeholder

If you are an employee, a former employee, consultant, stakeholder, supplier, student, family member, or you have had business dealings with a subscriber organisation, you can make an anonymous disclosure about misconduct or an improper state of affairs that relates to the subscriber organisation.

Anon can assist with disclosures of misconduct and other improper states of affairs. 

These include:

Conduct potentially damaging to the organisation, an organisation’s employee or a third party, including but not limited to:

  • Unsafe work practices, environmental damage, health risks or abuse of the organisation’s property or resources;
  • Conduct which amounts to an abuse of authority;
  • Conduct which may cause financial loss to the organisation, damage its reputation or be otherwise detrimental to the organisation’s interests;
  • Sexual harassment;
  • Discrimination; 
  • Bullying;
  • Victimisation; or
  • Conduct which involves any other kind of serious impropriety, including serious and substantial waste of public resources, practices endangering the health or safety of employees, stakeholders or the general public and practices endangering the environment.

Dishonest, fraudulent or corrupt behaviour; including: 

  • Financial fraud bribery or other activity.

Illegal activity; including: 

  • Theft;
  • Drug sale or use;
  • Violence;
  • Harassment or intimidation;
  • Criminal damage to property; or 
  • Other breaches of the law. 

Official misconduct or maladministration; unethical conduct or conduct in breach of the organisation’s policies, including: 

  • Dishonestly altering company records or data; 
  • Adopting questionable accounting practices; or 
  • Wilfully breaching the Code of Conduct or other policies or procedures.

Personal work-related grievances like interpersonal conflicts between employees, or a decision relating to the engagement, transfer or promotion of an employee are not reportable to Anon.

You also cannot report conduct that occurred in an organisation that doesn’t subscribe to Anon.

You can make a disclosure to Anon if:

  1. the organisation where the behaviour occurred subscribes to Anon; and
  2. you are, or have been an employee, officer, director, student, contractor, supplier, tenderer or any other person, paid or unpaid, who has had business dealings with the organisation, or you are a family member of a person who has had business dealings with the organisation.


On-line by completing Anon’s disclosure form.

When you press “submit” your report will be provided to Anon and, if you have provided an email address, you will receive an email confirming receipt of your report and your reference number. 

You’ll need to record and store your reference number so that you can track the progress of your disclosure.

By Phone:

You can call our experts on +61 3 911 156 55 during business hours (Monday to Friday, excluding public holidays between 9am – 5.00pm,  Australian Eastern Standard Time) from within Australia.  They will ask you for the same details as are in the online form and pass the information that you provide on to the subscriber organisation.

Anon’s experts will only include your details in their report if you agree.

You’ll need to record and store the reference number you are given so that you can track the progress of your disclosure.

Can I remain anonymous?

Yes. Before you call or answer the questions in the online form, you will need to decide whether to report:

  1. anonymously;
  2. by disclosing your details to Anon but remaining anonymous to the organisation; or
  3. by disclosing your details to both Anon and the organisation.

If you report anonymously, neither Anon nor the organisation will be able to contact you to confirm receipt of your report, discuss your report, or tell you about its progress.

If you do not wish to remain anonymous to Anon, please complete your personal and contact details, the details of your disclosure, and any other relevant additional information you can provide.

You can and should upload any documentation and other evidence you have in support of your disclosure. The more detailed the information you provide, the better this will assist us in dealing with your disclosure efficiently.

When you press ‘submit’, your disclosure will be formally lodged and, if you have provided a valid email address, you will receive an email confirming lodgement and providing a reference number. 

You should record the reference number you’re given and store it safely because it will allow you to see the progress of your report.

No, but if you decide not to give Anon your details we won’t be able to discuss your disclosure with you any further, or report on progress. Neither will the organisation or anyone it appoints to investigate your complaint.

You will need to give us a way to contact you if you want to be find out more about your report once it’s lodged, or give us more information about your report.

Please provide as much relevant factual information as you can including details, documents and images that show:

  • what happened?
  • where did it happen?
  • when did it happened?
  • who was involved?
  • any witnesses? and
  • any other information that you think might be useful.

The more detail you include about the issue, the easier it will be for the organisation to understand your concerns and deal with your disclosure.

If you want to remain anonymous, be careful not to include details which might reveal your identity.

Anon provides your report to the designated person at the subscriber organisation. Then Anon monitors the organisation’s response. Anon treats your information in line with the information on our website, that is, what you provide to Anon is strictly confidential and we handle your report in line with our privacy policy.

Anon provides an independent, secure platform to make disclosures about misconduct within a subscriber organisation.

Anon does not:

  • handle, investigate or decide the merits of your disclosure at all, the subscriber organisation does that;
  • draft disclosures or help whistleblowers to draft disclsoures;
  • provide therapy, counselling or emotional support: Lifeline’s number is 13 11 14;
  • represent you, or any other individual involved in a later investigation or other proceeding; or
  • provide you with any advice on how your disclosure will be handled by the organisation, or what the outcome will be.

If you lodge a report online and provide a valid email address, you should receive email acknowledgement within an hour.

If you lodge online and you do not receive an email acknowledging receipt, you must contact us on +61 3 911 156 55.

We will provide your disclosure to the designated person at the subscriber organisation within one business day of receipt.

We have a team of experts who deal with telephone reporting and review the reports that are lodged online. Anon’s people are experts in report-handling, dispute resolution, data security, confidentiality and whistleblower protection.

Each report is handled by a consultant and their supervisor, before it is forwarded to the designated person at the subscriber organisation.

Anon treats any information that you give us with the utmost confidentiality.

The subscriber organisation determines who its designated people are, and we provide our report to them.  However, if the disclosure is about a designated person, the organisation will have agreed mechanisms with Anon to ensure that your disclosure is provided to another designated person.

I'm an Employer

Wanting to meet my legal obligations and provide support for my employees and stakeholders to make secure and anonymous disclosures.

As of 1 July 2019, amendments to the Corporations Act 2001 (Cth) have brought about extensions to the rights of whistleblowers which affects the corporate, financial and tax sectors.

These new laws apply to:

  • public companies;
  • large proprietary companies with:
    • 100 or more employees;
    • $50+ million in consolidated revenue; or
    • $25+ million or more in consolidated gross assets; and
  • registerable superannuation entities.

These laws hold employers accountable for protecting eligible whistleblowers.

If your company fails to comply with the new laws, an eligible whistleblower’s identity is disclosed by your company (even inadvertently), or a whistleblower is caused or threatened with detriment, then courts can impose significant fines:

  • for individuals, up to $1.05 million; and
  • for companies, $10.5 million, or 10% of the annual turnover, up to $525 million.

It is therefore incumbent on employers to ensure that they have the right processes and systems in place in order to ensure their compliance and protection of whistleblowers.

Anon will ensure that your company is compliant, via:

Offering an independent, external whistleblower disclosure service which can be bought on an annual subscription basis. Anon ensures that disclosures are dealt with effectively, confidentially and in such a way as to ensure your organisation avoids enormous penalties.

Furthermore, Anon’s sister organisation Lacey & Co. The Integrity Group can offer services to further ensure compliance via:

  1. A whistleblower policy bespoke to your organisation; and
  2. Training for your staff and your whistleblower protection officers.

Your new whistleblower policy must be in place before 1 Jan 2020 or your company faces a $12,600 penalty for non-compliance.

Employers must respond to the new whistleblower legislation now, to ensure compliance.

Anon has expertise in workplace and whistleblower legislation and our subscriber service ensures bespoke solutions that help you confidently comply with the Treasury Laws Amendment (Enhancing Whistleblower Protections) Act 2019 (Cth). Contact us to discuss your needs.

Organisations become subscribers to this service because they want to make sure that people have a way to raise concerns about their workplace easily, confidentially and anonymously.  For many organisations, it is important to be transparent, open to feedback and responsive to concerns.

You can make a report about inappropriate behaviour at a subscriber organisation using our telephone reporting line (+61 3 911 156 55 within Australia – during business hours) or using the online reporting form (24/7). You can remain anonymous if you wish.


Up to 250 Employees

  • $6,500 per annum
  • 12 month ANON subscription
  • 12 disclosure reports
  • Review any existing procedures

Up to 400 Employees

  • $10,500 per annum
  • 12 month ANON subscription
  • 20 disclosure reports
  • Review any existing procedures

400+ Employees

  • Please contact us to discuss a package
All Anon subscriptions are supported by learning and development to help you get the most out of your subscription. Learning and development is delivered by the expert team at Lacey & Co. The Integrity Group. Once your subscription query is received, a member of the Lacey & Co. team will be in touch to discuss a package to suit your organisation’s requirements.

*All above prices are GST exclusive.

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Completely independent.

ANON is a web portal for employees to anonymously communicate with a third-party legal agency regarding their workplace environment, harassment, discrimination and bullying.

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